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May 05, 2024

Graduating from high school, college, and graduate school or during frequent relocations can be exciting yet daunting due to the constant changes, including moving into new living spaces. Traditional furniture often complicates these moves with its bulky, heavy designs that are a hassle to assemble and transport, and even tougher to dispose of. Enter RIAB USA's Bett 2.0, a revolutionary, eco-friendly bed frame designed with the modern nomad in mind: simple, sustainable, and seriously smart.

Join the cardboard furniture movement with   Bett 2.0: more than 100,000 sold in Europe with stellar reviews!

No Assembly, No Hassle

Imagine moving into a new apartment and setting up your bed in under five minutes without any tools or frustrating instructions. That’s the reality with Bett 2.0. This innovative cardboard bed frame requires no assembly. It unfolds seamlessly and is ready for use almost instantly, which is a stark contrast to traditional bed frames that can involve lengthy assembly times and often require additional hands or tools. Unfold Bett 2.0, lay your mattress on top, and add any decoration you want without breaking a sweat.

Perfect for the Perpetual Mover

For those who frequently change apartments or move between cities, Bett 2.0 is a game-changer. It folds flat and is light enough to be carried by a single person, eliminating the dread associated with moving traditional, cumbersome bed frames. This feature not only saves on moving costs but also reduces the stress and physical exertion typically involved in transporting heavy furniture. Your back, your parents, and your friends will all thank you for your cardboard bed frame when helping you move!

Sustainability at Its Core

Bett 2.0 isn’t just about convenience; it’s also leading the charge in sustainable living. Crafted from high-quality, recycled materials, Bett 2.0 addresses the growing need for eco-friendly furniture solutions. Fully recyclable at the end of its 10 year lifecycle, Bett 2.0 offers an environmentally responsible option that stands in sharp relief against traditional bed frames, which are often made from materials that are difficult to dispose of and rarely meet the standards for curbside recycling. Sleep soundly, sustainably.

Disposal Made Easy

When it’s time for something new, disposing of a Bett 2.0 is as easy as recycling a stack of newspapers. This ease of recyclability contrasts sharply with the often complicated disposal process for traditional bed frames, which may not be eligible for regular trash services and can require costly special handling or professional removal services. You’re also directly helping the planet as your Bett 2.0 can readily be made into something else, living up to the zero-waste mission of RIBA USA.

Affordability Without Compromise

Despite its high-end features and sustainable design, Bett 2.0 remains incredibly affordable, with all sizes priced under $290. This pricing strategy makes it accessible for recent graduates and young professionals who are seeking quality and sustainability without breaking the bank. No box spring needed when using Bett 2.0, which relies on a grid-like pattern to give you unsurpassed stability and support.

Proven Success and Reliability

Bett 2.0 isn’t just a concept — it’s a proven solution in the form of patent-protected, German engineering with over 100,000 excellent reviews from satisfied customers across Europe. These reviews highlight the bed’s durability, ease of use, and comfort, underscoring RIAB USA’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Fully Made in the USA

In addition to its other benefits, Bett 2.0 boasts a “Made in the USA” tag, ensuring that consumers are supporting domestic manufacturing and benefiting from the quality assurance that comes with American craftsmanship. Bett 2.0’s entire supply chain is based in the United States: raw materials are sourced in the Southeast region of the US, corrugated in North Carolina, and manufactured into Bett 2.0 in Virginia. Rarely, if ever, can you get a high-quality, US-made product to replace cheaper, China-made products at a similar cost. But that’s readily available with Bett 2.0 and the remarkable innovation cardboard furniture brings.

The Ideal Choice for Today’s Young Professionals

Bett 2.0 by RIAB USA is more than just a bed. It’s a lifestyle choice for the modern, eco-conscious, and mobile individual. Whether you’re a recent graduate starting fresh in a new city or a seasoned mover looking for practical furniture solutions, Bett 2.0 offers the perfect blend of convenience, sustainability, and affordability. Choose Bett 2.0 by Room in a Box to upgrade your lifestyle — you’ll love it every day. Visit our website to learn more and make a purchase that feels as good as it looks.

Dori McGuire
Dori McGuire